About Us

Established in 2002, Rehana proved to be a unique and pioneer company in the tourism field, specialized in owning, managing and marketing hotels and resorts. Unique way of dealing with customers and business strategy with no analogues in the world turned a small company into Rehana Group International just within two years.Goals and objectives of Rehana Group were always straightforward and seek to ensure we run a professional, profitable and ethical company, building relationships with customers, suppliers and investors, driving business at the hotels’ and developing the business as a whole, using the latest innovations and high technologies. We were always dreaming to create a world-known brand to be an essence of hospitality not only in Sharm el Sheikh, but in all the Egypt.

Nowadays Rehana Group owning and managing 5 hotels with thousands of guests, cooperating with more than 20.000 travel agents from all the continents, with one of the biggest Loyal Club in the region, owning Rehana Touring Club Travel and taking a great part in Touristic development of the country. In carrying out day-to day business we strive to:

  • Treat our employees with the high care
  • Follow the philosophy of satisfying our guests attaching them to our hotels
  • Be considered as the #1 in our community.

Philosophy of Rehana Group is basically derived from our slogan “The essence of hospitality” to create a sort of mental and emotional picture in minds and hearts of our guests, in a way of which we can communicate, associate and socialize with our guests, to obtain our targeted guest satisfaction and make them to feel more attached not only to our hotels but the country as well. We strongly believe that success of the Group depends upon availability to attract, retain and support the personal success of the qualified personnel as well as continued service of the President and other key executives. High level of respect and huge range of various incentives are used to encourage employees to treat all the guests with the highest level of hospitality.

As a big international company, now we can declare with confidence that we have succeeded. Essence of hospitality became the lifestyle, while included miracles – the business card. International team of well-trained professionals provides the extra-class service to all our clients proving the company’s strategy of taking good care about the staff to be right. One of just a few companies in the world, Rehana Group discovered the way to take care about customers even before their arrival. Supporting family treasures we are taking care not only about you, but about your relatives as well. Being one of the most popular modern trends, we will help you to enjoy the time limitless. 

We are dynamic and brave enough to be the best.